FederFauna for sheep-meat supply chain and immigrant workers

FederFauna for sheep-meat supply chain and immigrant workers

FederFauna inaugurates a new “organizational stTutti gli articoliructure” called SIPOC – FederFauna, Italian Union of Sheep-Meat Producers, which will also be responsible for representing and defending sheep farmers who for decades have remained without representation, facing numerous problems such as the absence of an organized supply chain or the total abandonment of farmers damaged by predators.

The newly elected Secretary, Roberto Maviglia, sets himself the goal of “collaborating and supporting colleagues in the dairy supply chain in order to help each other and improve both productivity and the defense of our rights ”.

Since the last meeting of the Confederation’s Steering Committee, LaIFF, FederFauna Immigrant Workers, has also been renewed, with the new Secretary Sohail Kamal.

LaIFF, Kamal declares, ” will support immigrant workers, as well as with normal trade union activities, also as a guide that follows workers in handling paperwork and other bureaucratic burdens. Our business will not stop at the national territory: we have the ambitious goal of organizing A2 Italian courses in various countries so that workers arrive in Italy already prepared, avoiding the dismissals of capable workers who do not know the Italian language well ” .

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