ACR: Wolf, a problem to manage

ACR: Wolf, a problem to manage

Live tomorrow at 6.30pm – (Live recording below)
An important meeting will be held tomorrow Friday 29 January 2021, at 6.30 pm, live from the Facebook page of the ACR Association for Rural Culture to discuss the impact of the presence of the wolf on our territory.

It will be a moment of study together with the economic and productive categories that suffer most from the effects of the total absence of a national plan for monitoring, control and management of this large carnivore.

The aim of this meeting is to keep attention on a delicate and complex issue, analyzing the situation with an approach free from distorted ideological settings, proposing solutions that are useful to ensure a balance between the presence of wildlife and anthropogenic activities, in particular breeding.

We will give a voice to those who derive sustenance from these activities, producing wealth and employment, as well as guaranteeing proper management and maintenance of the territory, unfortunately without adequate support from the institutions.


  • Hon. Sergio Berlato, President of the Association for Rural Culture
  • Giulio Rocca, Veneto Confagricoltura Delegate
  • Massimiliano Filippi, General Secretary FederFauna
  • Aldo Giorgio Salvatori, President of AIW
  • Roberto Maviglia, National Secretary of SIPOC
  • Isabella Lora, Malghese